We can supply major Norcontrol Automation spares.

We can supply major Norcontrol Automation spares.

Ship Automation is the largest supplier for marine automation spares . Our company is supplying Norcontrol Automation spares since many years . Through our experience , we have gain expertise at supplying Norcontrol Products.

Our inventory can supply spares for following systems :
1) Autochief 4
2) Autocheif 7
3) Datachief 1000
4) Datachief 2000
5) Datachief C20

We can supply major spares including the smallest analogue circuit to complete panel cabinets. As we all know these product come with preloaded software of the ship , we therefore acknowledge all our buyers to look at the hardware side only. Major spares are Plug and play type , but sometimes it may require to be configured with your vessels system.

We also advise our buyers to be careful while buying these spares from other sellers in the market , as they are not aware about supplying the right product suitable for your vessel .

To know more about how our company can help you supply right spare part for your vessel , kindly get in toucht with us . we are expert when it comes to Norcontrol Automation / Kongsberg spares.

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Manan Shah

CEO of Ship Automation