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Engine Control and Alarm systems

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Maker : Autq maskin
Type : DCU 410
Part No : 1006450
Description : Engine control display
Condition : New

Ship Automation can supply new and refurbished spare parts of Autq maskin.

For more information about the product, kindly email us on info@shipautomation.com

Selco M2500 Engine Controller

Maker : Selco
Type : M2500
Description : Engine controller

Ship automation can supply new and refurbished spare parts of Selco. For more information about the product kindly email us on info@shipautomaton.com




Kongsberg DSU 001

Maker : Kongsberg – Norcontrol
Type : DSU001
Part No : 8100086
Description : Digital servo unit
Condition : Used – Refurbished

DSU photos

Kongsberg – Norcontrol DSU 001 are mostly used with the MAN B&W engines. The maker is no more supporting this system. Ship Automation has all the spares for this system in stock. For any inquiries , […]


Kongsberg Elact 001 (Type – LS620ELR2408)

Kongsberg – Norcontrol Electric Actuator
Type – Elact 001
Part No: 3900047

Kongsberg Electric Actuator is used with MAN B&W Engines . These models are no more supported by the makers . If you need any spares , please feel free to contact us

Email : info@shipautomation.com
M :+91 9624 424242


SELCO Motorized Potentiometer E7800

Maker : Selco
Type : E7800
Description : Motorized potentiometer
Condition : New

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