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Flame detectors

Flame detectors

Thorn Security MS302Ex (516.022.001)...

Maker : Thorn Security
Model : MS302Ex (516.022.001) | Flame Detector
Part No.: Brand New – Surplus

Ship Automation can supply major Thorn Security fire detectors , which are no more manufactured by the makers itself.

To order Thorn Security MS302Ex (516.022.001) – Flame Detector, please email us on

Tyco 601 F-M (516.600.007)...

Maker : tyco
Model : 601 F-M Flame Detector
Part no.: 516.600.007

Ship Automation can supply New and Refurbished spares for Tyco Fire Detection system.

To orderĀ  Tyco 601 F-M (516.600.007) | Flame Detector , please mail us on

Tyco MS502-EX Infra-red Flame...

Maker : Tyco
Model : MS502-EX | Infra-red Flame Detector
Part no.: 516.032.001

Ship Automation can supply New and Refurbished Flame Detectors for Tyco Maker.

To order Tyco MS502-EX Infra-red Flame Detector (516.032.001) , Please email us on

Salwico AC-IR-3Fq IR Flame...

Maker : Salwico / Consilium
Model : AC-IR-3Fq | Flame Detector
Part no.: 5200236-00A

Ship Automation can supply major flame detectors for Salwico in New or Refurbished condition .

To order Salwico AC-IR-3Fq IR Flame Detector (5200236-00A) , email us on