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Graviner MK 7 Sensor...

Maker : Graviner
Model : MK7 Oil Mist Detector
Part no.: 53836-K269 (Sensor)
Condition : Refurbished

Ship Automation can supply major spares for Graviner MK7 Oil Mist detector.

To order Graviner MK7 Sensor (53836-K269) please email us on


MK7 Control unit |...

Maker : Kiddie Graviner
Model : MK 7 Control Unit
Condition : Refurbished

Ship Automation can supply major spares for Graviner MK 7 Oil Mist Detector .

To order Graviner MK7 Control unit , please email us on

Graviner MK 6 (Oil...

The Mk6 OMD is an analogue addressable oil mist detection system, capable of monitoring up to 64 detector heads fitted on up to 8 engines. This is achieved without sample pipes and with minimum cabling. Each detector head monitors a single crank space and is a stand-alone device. When assigned a unique address and supplied […]

Graviner MK 5 (Oil...

The Kidde Graviner MK5 is an Oil Mist Detector. The Graviner MK5 monitors the density of oil mist in the crankcase of a diesel engine. If the density exceeds a preset threshold, the MK5 will give an alarm.

Ship Automation can supply Refurbished Graviner 5 Oil mist detector from our stock .

For more information please email […]